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  • Nobo Panel Heater Replacement Castor Wheels Set | FS40 - Madari

    Nobo Panel Heater Replacement Castor Wheels Set | FS40

    The Nobo Panel Heater Caster Wheel Replacement Set, your solution for enhanced mobility and convenience. Designed specifically for Nobo panel heaters, these caster wheels provide smooth and effortless movement, allowing you to easily transport your heater from room to room. With a sturdy construction and easy installation process, upgrading your heater with these replacement wheels is a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of lifting and carrying your heater – simply attach the caster wheels and enjoy the freedom to position your heater wherever you need it most. Upgrade your Nobo panel heater today with the Nobo Panel Heater Caster Wheel Replacement Set and experience enhanced versatility and convenience in heating your space. COMPATIBLE MODELS 2NC3-242-L E4E07 E4E10 E4E12 E4E15 E4E20C E4E24 E4EU05 E4EU07 E4EU10 E4EU12 E4EU15 E4EU20 E4EU20C E4EU24 NCPT10 NCPT15 NCPT20 NCPT24 NTE4S07 NTE4S10 NTE4S12 NTE4S15 NTE4S20 NTE4S24 NTE4T07 NTE4T10 NTE4T12 NTE4T15 NTE4T20 NTE4T24 NTL4S07 NTL4S10 NTL4S12 NTL4S15 NTL4S20 NTL4S24 NTL4T07 NTL4T10 NTL4T12 NTL4T15 NTL4T20 NTL4T24 T4N20


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